Deciding If the Cloud Is Right for Your Business

March 4, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

The cloud is a disruptive trend that has become integral to many businesses' IT strategies. It offers numerous benefits, including helping businesses save money by not having to own and maintain IT infrastructure or hire whole IT departments. However, many organizations are still undecided on whether moving to the cloud is right for them. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether a move to cloud computing would be right for your business or organization.

Security Concerns

With the numerous data breaches that have happened in the past, many businesses are rightly concerned about data security. These concerns sometimes extend to cloud computing. However, the cloud can provide superior security because the service providers put numerous safeguards against breaches and other cybersecurity threats.

They have active monitoring that alerts them of any threats, and they also keep their systems patched and up-to-date to protect against known vulnerabilities. Even in cases where businesses need to store sensitive data, cloud service providers ensure its safety because they have strategies that comply with stringent data protection regulations.

You Need Offsite Backups

Proper backups are crucial for all businesses that do not want to lose their data due to hardware or software issues and natural disasters. Storing data on-premises makes it vulnerable to floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and other disasters. Knowing that your data is stored hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your premises will give you peace of mind in knowing it is susceptible to these risks.

A good backup should be paired with a fast internet connection, especially if the business creates and wants to back up massive amounts of data. Fiber internet is an excellent option due to its superior bandwidth and reliability. You can get fiber internet in Surprise AZ with synchronous 2 Gigabit speeds (2 Gbps up and down).

The IT Infrastructure is Outdated

It is time to consider an upgrade or an overhaul when your IT infrastructure becomes outdated. Instead of investing in new hardware and software, you can choose cloud computing services. With these, you get access to the latest hardware, software, and platforms.

This type of infrastructure is easy to scale up and down and does not stress your employees with a steep learning curve. Do note that it might not always be possible to mirror your existing hardware and software to the cloud due to complexities and incompatibilities between the two systems. You should conduct an audit to see if you need to resolve any issues before migrating.

Your Market and Needs Are Constantly Fluctuating

Predicting what IT resources you need at any time is challenging in an evolving market. You might build a powerful infrastructure whose resources you might not be able to utilize fully. You might also build infrastructure that cannot keep up when the demand for resources climbs. The cloud scales up and down with your needs and demands, so you always have just what you need.

Cloud computing has numerous benefits for businesses that decide to make the switch. It improves security, saves money, and removes the need for an IT department as the cloud service provider handles everything.


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