Definitive Technology's Studio Slim Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

In this Dolby Atmos age, it's understandable that you would expect a premium soundbar to support immersive surround audio. However, the US brand Definitive Technology has put other priorities at the forefront of its 3.1 channel Studio Slim bar and subwoofer. These include high-resolution streaming, networking and a stylish aesthetic that you'd want in front of your TV.

Despite being a smaller-than-typical 3.1-channel unit, the Studio Slim still packs seven transducers – one-inch aluminium dome tweeters and four three-inch drivers for left, center and right channels, plus an eight-inch wireless subwoofer. The result is room-filling home cinema with a crisp and clear sound signature.

It's also a smart device with Wi-Fi and Chromecast built in, so you can play music from your favorite apps over your home network, or connect other Chromecast-enabled speakers to the same room for an even bigger home sound system – and control it all with voice commands. There's also HDMI ARC connectivity for connecting directly to your TV, so you can use your TV remote to control the Studio Slim and your TV.

One-button EQ presets for Movies, Music and Night Mode optimize the Studio Slim's performance. For example, Movie Mode expands the soundstage while elevating dialogue and effects to deliver an expansive aural experience, while Music mode simplifies processing for accurate, uncoloured reproduction. And Night mode tames the bass response for more subdued late-night viewing.

David Sunnyside
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