Dell Dimension 3000 Specs

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

dell demension 3000 specs

The dell Demension 3000 specs stand out from other Dell desktop computers in that this particular system comes equipped with a CRT monitor - something most other computers lack - mouse and keyboard as well. Although slightly more costly than its rival models online, due to including such a 17" CRT display.

Even so, the screen still boasts excellent picture quality and audio is sufficient. The computer comes equipped with dual A215 stereo speakers which deliver ample volume. Furthermore, if desired external speakers could further augment sound volume.

As far as processing power goes, this Dell desktop features a Pentium 4 processor whose speed allows it to handle basic applications and moderate multitasking without delay. Furthermore, its memory speed also enables quick information processing without delay from both components working together.

Graphically, the Dell Dimension 3000 uses Intel's UHD Graphics technology. Since it is integrated into its CPU and shares memory with it, this won't support high-end games; however, most titles available from Microsoft Store should work fine.

The Dell desktop includes an optical drive in the form of a DVD writer that is capable of writing both CD-RW and DVD formats. There is also an internal floppy drive.

The Dell Dimension 3000 is an excellent value desktop, offering high levels of configurability and an eye-catching display. Unfortunately, eMachines offers similar configurations at about the same price - including better optical drive tandem, larger hard drives and an upgrade path - making this less-than-ideal option not ideal for budget buyers.

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