Dell Inspiron P69g Review

February 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

dell inspiron p69g Review

Dell inspiron p69g Review

The dell inspiron p69g is a powerful and stylish convertible laptop that's designed to be used both as a regular laptop and as a tablet. It is the ideal companion for mobile professionals who need a laptop that will allow them to work from anywhere.

It is built around a Core i7 processor and comes with 8GB of RAM. It also has a 1TB hard drive to keep your files safe and secure.

Unlike many other tablets, the inspiron p69g isn't an expensive one and it is available for under $999 which is great for a device that offers this level of performance.

The inspiron p69g has excellent build quality and is incredibly lightweight. It also comes with a warranty for a year which is excellent.

This is a fast laptop thanks to the latest Intel's processors and its turbo boost. In our single-threaded tests, it outperformed even its direct rivals, such as Acer's Aspire R13 R7.

There's a huge variety of different configurations to choose from, including an i5 or i7 CPU, SSD or hard drive, and various screen options. The i5 model has an IPS panel, but the i7 is better for gaming and other tasks that require dedicated graphics.

While the inspiron p69g has an impressive range of features and hardware, it does suffer from poor battery life. It only lasted 5 hours and 26 minutes in our video playback test, which is not enough to make it ideal for use away from the mains. However, it still has plenty of power for everyday tasks and will likely get you through a busy day in a pinch.

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