Diamond Pro89 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

diamond pro89 review

Packed with protein and fortified with amino acids from energy-dense sources, Diamond pro89 review gives performance dogs the nutrients they need to support hard work and endurance. 89% of the proteins come from animal sources, ensuring that active dogs have enough fuel to power through their workouts.

The Pro89 recipe is designed specifically for working and sporting dogs, but it’s also suitable for any dog that needs a high-energy diet. This is because it contains a significant amount of beef and pork, which are highly protein-rich meat ingredients. These are then supplemented with a mix of ancient grains like sorghum, brown rice, and millet, which offer a modest proportion of carbohydrates.

Despite the fact that most of these grains are ancient in origin, this recipe does contain some controversial grain ingredients like corn and wheat flour. These are often used by pet food manufacturers as cheap fillers, but many pet owners refuse to feed their pets foods containing these ingredients.

As well as producing its own branded recipes, Diamond is also a contract manufacturer for 3rd party brands such as Taste of the Wild, Nutra-Nuggets, and 4Health. All of the company’s own branded recipes and 3rd party brand recipes are manufactured in its facility in Gaston, South Carolina. The company is well known for its quality control systems, and it tests every ingredient that goes into its products before they leave the factory. However, the company has been involved in several recalls over the years. The most recent was in 2012, and this affected a wide range of recipes that may have been contaminated with Salmonella.

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