Diner Review - Give 18-Inch Dolls a Taste of Retro Fun With This Diner Playset!

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

our generation diner review


Give 18-inch dolls a taste of retro fun with this fully stocked diner playset! Customers can order from the working food counter, and servers can serve up desserts from the spinning display case that really spins. They can eat at the movable vinyl and chrome-colored stools, or in the booth. When the restaurant gets too noisy, they can close the movable shutters to block out the noise. After dinner, the customers can enjoy a song on the working jukebox! This diner comes with over 70 realistic pretend foods, dishes, and accessories for endless hours of sweet and savory fun.

Isa and Noa are best friends that do everything together - from hanging out at their favorite diner to volunteering at the local food bank. But when they start to disagree, it could spell the end of their epic friendship!

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