Discover Your Next Puzzle Challenge: A Tour of the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Stores Near You

March 30, 2023
Natalie Thorburn


Puzzle solvers have a greater grasp of the artwork they are recreating as fresh details are revealed when they move their focus to new challenges.

When solved, a puzzle may transform disconnected chaos into a cosy order that the solver enjoys, serving as a focal point for a group to get together and spend time together or as a comforting salve for the lonely. Let us see where to find the Jigsaw puzzle store.

A Tour of the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Locations to Travel

We can all agree that doing jigsaw puzzles at home is a lot of fun, but the puzzles usually stay there. But is it feasible for puzzlers to engage in their interests outside their local communities? It's encouraging to know that puzzle fans are everywhere, building attractions for those who share their enthusiasm. These are some of the best Jigsaw puzzle stores and a few places to visit that are good for solving puzzles.

1. Britain's Victoria & Albert Museum

The world's greatest collection of applied arts and design, including a complete collection devoted to children, is housed in this London museum. There are magnificent and uncommon jigsaw puzzles from the 1900s, but no adult-sized puzzles are available.

2. Philippines, Puzzle Villa

Locals frequently visit the beaches in Tagaytay, but there is a unique location that puzzle enthusiasts should check out. Georgina Gil-Lacuna, who appears to have finished the project independently, set the Guinness World Record for owning the most jigsaw puzzle sets in 2012 with 1,028 individual sets.

3. The American National Museum of Play

This Rochester, New York, museum is named after its focus on toys and games. I acquired Anne D. Williams' collection of approximately 7,000 unusual puzzles, puzzle-making materials, and puzzle-making equipment in 2014. The anatomical map by John Spilsbury, regarded as the first jigsaw puzzle in history, is one of the relics.

4. The Dutch Island of Mystery

Indeed, the island resembles a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. It is an artificial feature within the Maas Severense Plassen Recreation Area near Utrecht. Puzzle Island appears "nearly" visible from space, with its enormous slides, picnic spots, and playground equipment.

5. Australia's Brierley Jigsaw Gallery

Bridgetown, a tiny town in Western Australia, has a distinctive reputation. The Southern Hemisphere's exclusive puzzle gallery The founder of this collection, Guest, began framing the visitors' finished jigsaw puzzles in 1940. Since his debut in 1978, this collection has expanded to include jigsaw puzzles of all types and scales, including the tiniest wooden puzzle ever made.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Stores Near You

It might be challenging to locate a Jigsaw puzzle store specializing in assisting customers in browsing and buying jigsaw puzzles from the Jigsaw puzzle store.

Certainly, we know that ordering from a well-known online retailer is simple, but we believe that supporting the Jigsaw puzzle store is essential to maintaining the puzzle community.

Barney's News Box

The British county of Cumbria

With one of the greatest selections of jigsaw puzzles in the UK, Barney's has been specializing in jigsaw puzzles for over 30 years. He has more than 7,000 jigsaw puzzles for both kids and adults, and both British puzzle fans and visitors like exploring the mountains and mountains of jigsaw puzzles.


Also, the Jigsaw puzzle store is located in the heart of the Lake District, one of England's greatest regions for hiking and other outdoor activities. Why not visit a well-stocked puzzle store before going for a weekend stroll or bar crawl?

The puzzle warehouse

USA, Missouri:

A 13,000-square-foot warehouse in Central America claims to be the biggest puzzle shop on the planet. This St. Louis, Missouri, business is a must-have for any jigsaw enthusiast visiting the region, with over 8,000 puzzles on display. The lobby includes a map indicating the origins of visitors because it is such a popular tourist destination.

Barcelona, Spain

One of the top Jigsaw puzzle stores in Europe is Puzzlemania. Europe's greatest selection of puzzles is available at Puzzlemania, one of Spain's oldest puzzle boutiques in the center of Barcelona.

More than 2,000 of his books are available in this store, and the floor is covered with a sizable puzzle. Before you purchase the crucial puzzle, you will be aware of what you're dealing with. Don't miss this tiny piece of Europe's mysterious past if you're around!

Pussel shop:

Sweden's Umea:

At the summit of Umea in northern Sweden, Pusselbutiken is perhaps the most northern Jigsaw puzzle store on our list, if not the globe.

He provides the finest range of Nordic jigsaw puzzles, ranging from 42,000-piece monsters to standard 500-piece puzzles. Set aside some time for a classic Swedish experience in the far north.


We all enjoy solving puzzles, and this blog featured many of them. These puzzles are enjoyable, fantastic for sharing, and a terrific way to exercise different types of critical thinking. But it is also evident that mastering creative thinking has significant professional advantages.

Puzzles may make a difference when building strong creative processes for people, teams, and businesses. Students can broaden their thinking through the use of puzzles. The youngsters can work on fascinating issues, but cracking the riddles will give them the courage to take chances, keep going, and use their creativity as a team.

These talents will be more valuable than ever on the job, even in a corporate setting. Whether raining or snowing, doing puzzles may be a calming and peaceful afternoon activity. Since You didn't fully get this when You were younger, You preferred engaging in more social or interactive games and activities.

Nevertheless, after a while, when you start to see fewer of your friends and grow weary of gazing at screens, you start to be more receptive to the calm and deep focus that comes with solving puzzles.


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