Discuss How the Medical Assistant Uses Electronic Technology in Professional Communication

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The medical assistant uses electronic communication tools to relay patient information and collaborate with providers in virtual healthcare settings. Having both technical expertise and empathy, they are able to help patients and other team members feel comfortable in their remote interactions. They can also assist physicians with virtual examinations. Medical assistants must have the ability to adapt to this evolving telemedicine era.

Learn to use feedback techniques including reflection, restatement, and clarification. Practice coaching a patient appropriately considering cultural diversity and communication barriers. Identify community resources related to patients’ healthcare needs. Practice active listening and empathy in clinical situations. Demonstrate how to use body language effectively. Demonstrate how to properly prepare and maintain laboratory specimens. Practice standard precautions in a classroom simulation. Identify and report an incident following proper protocol. Understand legal implications pertaining to the medical assistant’s scope of practice. Recognize the different types of consent, including implied consent, expressed consent, emancipated minor, and mature minor. Understand the legal terms, locum tenens, respondent superior, res ipsa loquitor, and Good Samaritan Laws.

Medical assistants are tasked with creating and maintaining electronic medical records. They will also use a variety of software applications for data entry and backup. They will write professional letters and emails. Learn about the size of paper, margins, and line spacing used in writing professional letters. They will understand the importance of accurate titling of documents. They will also create and utilize a file structure for organization of information.

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