Disgaea 6 Demo Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

disgaea 6 demo review

NIS America is giving you a chance to try out disgaea 6 before the game's release on the 28th June. The free, playable demo is available now on the PlayStation Store and comes in at a relatively light 2.7GB. It'll allow you to explore the first two chapters as undead protagonist Zed recounts his tale to Overlord Ivar about defeating the most powerful God of Destruction in written history.

As always, the writing is top-notch for the series with a great mix of dark and nonsensical humour. The voice acting is a delight as well, further bringing the cast of characters to life. The game is the most approachable yet in terms of mechanics, but it still has quite a lot to learn if you want to get the most out of it.

Despite it being the first fully 3D entry, Disgaea is still a turn-based strategy game at heart. You move characters around a grid-based map, fighting off enemies while completing missions. The combat is deep enough for those who enjoy a challenge, with over a dozen classes to choose from, a variety of supplementary weapons, and combo attacks to be used.

The graphics are a step down from the previous generation of consoles, with the models looking fuzzy from a distance (although it's possible to change settings for performance). The graphical quality is still good though, and you don't have any problems seeing character sprites when they're up close in cutscenes.

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