Dishonored 2 Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

Arkane Studios returns to the world of Dishonored with a bigger and badder version of their 2012 game. Choose between the direct violence of Corvo Attano or the deception and guile of Empress Emily Kaldwin, then stealth your way through huge levels that boast amazing artistic design. And with a new wave of awesome powers to wield and some clever tricks, this is a title you'll want to revisit again and again.

Level design is a particular strength here, and it plays a critical role in the way you play. Aside from a few missteps in the design (like the Clockwork Mansion's room-shifting mechanic, which doesn't feel quite as neat as it should) most of Dishonored 2's missions provide a good mix of improvisational opportunities. Whether it's peeking behind the curtain of a surreal clockwork mansion or exploring the dust-swept streets of Karnaca, the design team has created some truly memorable spaces where you can rethink the traditional rules of physics to find new ways to sneak around and take down enemies.

Revenge is one of the most persistent narrative themes in fiction, and it's one that Dishonored 2 embraces with abandon. Its vengeful heroes and their deadly powers provide the opportunity for justice to be served without restraint, and there's no doubt that the creative freedom offered here is something gamers have long wanted from their gaming experiences.

David Sunnyside
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