Disney Skyliner Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

The disney skyliner is the newest transportation option at Walt Disney World. It’s a gondola lift system that took flight in September and has been transporting guests between hotels and parks ever since. It offers some unique vantage points of Walt Disney World (as long as you aren’t afraid of heights).

The main advantage is that it moves much faster than the buses, with most rides lasting less than 10 minutes. During the ride, a voice consistently chimes in to let you know where your gondola is headed and also reveals some pretty neat behind the scenes info about Disney’s new mode of transportation.

However, the Disney Skyliner can also be more expensive than taking a bus or monorail and it’s not as air-conditioned as riding other attractions on property. So if you’re planning on taking the skyliner to save time or to enjoy some of the unique vantage points, you should plan accordingly with your budget and your itinerary.

The Disney Skyliner is a cool way to get around the Walt Disney World Resort and we highly recommend it to anyone staying at one of the resorts that it connects with. It’s definitely not for everyone though and you should think twice about it if you are claustrophobic or have a fear of heights. It is certainly worth a ride for those that don’t have any of these issues though. You’ll be glad you did. It’s fast, unique and more fun than just sitting at a bus stop.

David Sunnyside
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