DJI Mavic Air - When Does the DJI Mavic Come Out?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Despite the now-habitual deluge of leaked specs and photos, DJI's actual product launches are still red-letter days. And today's rollout of the foldable Mavic Air has all the hallmarks of a game-changing drone.

This latest addition to the Mavic series is a compact drone that weighs a shade under a pound, fits in your jacket pocket, and can fly itself. And it comes with a number of features that put it on par with one of the top pro-grade photography drones out there, DJI's own Mavic Pro.

As you'd expect, the most notable upgrade is in the camera department. This is the first prosumer drone to incorporate a dual-camera system. It has a Hasselblad-designed micro 4/3 CMOS camera at the bottom, followed by a 12MP 12" tele camera on the front.

The drone also offers a 43-minute flight time, Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, and 15km HD video transmission. It's a remarkable achievement, and it puts the Mavic Air squarely in the middle of DJI's line-up between the palm-sized Spark and gesture-controlled Mavic Air, and the higher-end Mavic Pro.

A release schedule image posted by DealsDrone suggests the Mavic Air 3 will be released in May 2023, but this isn't necessarily a given. DJI could stagger the releases of a standard Mini 3 and the Pro version, similar to how they did with the Mavic 3. This would give them a chance to test the waters in the market before releasing the more advanced version a few months later (and potentially snag some bargain-hunters). Aside from the Mavic 3, DJI has a few other new products on the horizon. Specifically, the FPV Mini, Inspire 3, and Ronin 3 are all expected to get an update this year.

David Sunnyside
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