Do You Have to Charge Airtags?

March 22, 2024
David Sunnyside

Do you have to charge airtags

Unlike other tracking devices like GPS trackers, you don't have to recharge AirTags. A single CR2032 lithium coin-cell battery powers these nifty little gadgets. This is a common type of battery you'll find in watches, car key fobs and other electronic devices. It can last up to a year in an AirTag, depending on usage. But if the battery level dips below that, it'll be time for a replacement. Changing the battery is fairly straightforward.

Just flip the AirTag over to the polished metal side, push down and rotate counterclockwise to open it. Then, remove the existing battery and replace it with a new one with the positive side facing up. Reclose the AirTag, rotating clockwise to secure it. You can then test the battery's function through the 'Find My' app.

If your AirTag is reporting that it's "last seen" a long time ago, that may simply mean that it's in an area where not many passing iPhones (or other Apple devices) are relaying its location to the broader network. You can also factory reset your AirTag, which will wipe all previous settings and allow it to be paired again with a new device.

Once an AirTag's battery is dead, you can dispose of it responsibly by bringing it to a local electronics store or battery retailer for recycling. Some battery brands, like Energizer, even include a bitter coating on the battery to discourage accidental ingestion by children and pets.

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