Doctor D's Sparkling Probiotic Drink Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Doctor D's is a probiotic drink that is a great alternative to sugary juices and sodas. Their beverages are made with live probiotics and high quality fruit juices. They use a low amount of organic cane sugar, and they also have pink himalayan salt and trace minerals. They also put their drinks in amber bottles to protect the live probiotics from light.

This Colorado company’s sparkling probiotic drink is a fermented beverage that blends water kefir with various fruit juices. The result is a bubbly, lightly fizzy beverage with a delicious taste. They use between 4 percent and 17 percent of a variety of fruit juices, allowing them to create flavors that are more pleasant than kombucha. Their products are also made with a small amount of sugar and have a more mild flavor, which makes them a welcome addition to the fermented beverage scene.

If you’re looking for a targeted venture into the world of probiotic drinks, consider a probiotic shot. These tiny servings of liquid can provide the body with multiple strains of probiotics in one quick drink. This probiotic shot for digestion pairs cantaloupe juice, ginger juice, and clementine juice with apple cider vinegar for a healthy drink with a punch.

David Sunnyside
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