Doctor Who Episode 10 - Night Terrors

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Dr Tenza holds a PhD in Public Health, as well as specialist training in project management, life coaching and post-graduate supervision. She has a real passion for improving quality in healthcare and loves to share her knowledge through webinars. She is also a qualified clinical psychologist and enjoys writing for a range of publications.

This episode of doctor who tenza is an excellent and entertaining one, with a strong performance from all involved, especially the young actor playing George. The story is full of Doctor Who references and homages, including the use of the sonic screwdriver and several meta-references. The acting is very good from the entire cast, but special mention must go to Daniel Mays who plays Alex, George’s father and Arthur Darvill as Rory.

There are a few humorous scenes with Matt Smith jabbering on about monsters and aliens that are really quite fun, although it is clear that his son doesn’t care for this nonsense. The scene where George’s landlord, Purcell, presses him for money to pay the rent is particularly effective and a definite highlight of this episode.

Steven Moffat has a knack for making everyday objects seem sinister – gas masks, gargoyle statues, a flashlight’s shadows and cracks in walls all become iconic Doctor Who monsters thanks to his imagination. In Night Terrors he takes this a step further, finding that wooden dolls, the dark and even a few stray frightened voices in a flat can bring on a whole host of terrifying symptoms in a child.

David Sunnyside
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