Doctor Who Theaters

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

dr who theaters

For fans who want to experience Doctor Who in the big screen, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is coming to cinemas internationally in a special event. There will be 106 cinemas across the US and Australia that will be showing the episode in 3D.

Fans can join their fellow Whovians in a cinema to see Jodie Whittaker’s debut as the 13th Doctor and her brand-new friends, in a world of action, adventure and humor. The season premiere will be followed by an exclusive piece of bonus content, Becoming the Doctor.

Originally screened in 2016 and now available on DVD, the first film adaptation of the BBC’s enormously successful series is an early example of dumbing down and pumping up. Peter Cushing is transformed from the sombre, intelligent cyborg Time Lord seen on television to a childish, daffy, thoroughly human scientist whose favourite comic is Dan Dare in the Eagle. The result is not the worst Doctor Who movie ever made, but it certainly isn’t the best either.

In the second of the two films, the Doctor is re-united with his old companions Ace and Tegan. They are investigating a mystery that links to the future of planet Earth (which has been overrun by the evil cyborg Daleks). The story riffs on all five incarnations of the Doctor, plus some of their enemies, and it is all rounded out by a narrated performance by Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.

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