Does Andrew Tate Have Kids?

March 3, 2024
David Sunnyside

The former kickboxer and social media influencer is known for his controversial views and dramatic personal life. He has also been embroiled in a number of legal issues that have damaged his public image. The most serious accusation against him involves sex trafficking and human trafficking. These allegations have led to Tate’s arrest and pending trial as of November 2023.

Despite his controversial opinions and reputation as a misogynist, it’s clear that Tate values being a father. He has made bold claims that his children see him as a hero and that they love and adore him deeply. However, it’s impossible to verify these claims as he never posts any pictures or videos of his family online.

He has stated that he has kids in the double-digit numbers with many different women around the world. In one video, he said that he wants to have 10 to 12 more children. In another video, he says that his children and their mothers adore him.

No woman has ever publicly confirmed that she has a child with Tate. However, he has been linked to businesswoman and influencer Naghel Georgiana Manuela. Despite his controversial opinions and reputation as sexist, it’s clear that Tate values having children with his wife. This has prompted some parents and teachers to express concerns about his influence on young boys. They worry that his beliefs are influencing young boys to have multiple wives and children.

David Sunnyside
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