Does Apple Watch Have Its Own Phone Number?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Apple Watch is one of the world's most beloved smartwatches and one of its key selling points is that it can make and receive phone calls just like a regular smartphone. Therefore, if you are considering getting one or already own one and wondering whether or not it has its own phone number; yes it does; however this number is tied directly to your iPhone number which handles all cellular transactions including calls and text messages.

Apple Watch numbers are only assigned for billing purposes to help cellphone carriers identify devices during billing cycles; otherwise all calls and texts from your iPhone will automatically go to it.

By taking advantage of NumberShare between your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can share your phone number between both devices to receive calls and texts simultaneously from both. It is an especially useful feature if your older phone doesn't support cellular data while your newer model does.

Checking the phone number of your cellular Apple Watch can be done easily by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and scrolling to "My Watch." Select Cellular to see your carrier and cellular plan information, where "Watch Line" in Cellular Plan Information provides your number.

If you own a GPS+Cellular Apple Watch, the Settings app offers access to your phone number as well as accessing it through the Phone app on iPhone. When receiving calls on your watch, notifications show who is calling and when an incoming call arrives it displays who it is from and allows you to either select green phone icon to answer or red one to forward to voicemail.

Apple Watches have several special features that make them an essential companion. Not only can they track fitness goals, read and reply to texts, make phone calls and receive notifications; in addition to its built-in speaker and microphone for hands free talking; they are also great ways to stay in contact with family even when they are far away.

Your cellular carrier may offer Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone. To enable it, set up your iPhone with a Wi-Fi network before activating Wi-Fi calling on it (Go to Settings Phone Wi-Fi Calling for this task).

Apple Watch can be an incredible way to stay in touch with your family while also being useful for business and school. It offers various features that could prove valuable, including its ability to detect falls as well as monitor heart rate and blood pressure levels.

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