Does Ejaculating Make You Lose Protein?

February 6, 2024
David Sunnyside

Protein is a crucial nutrient that helps build and repair muscles, among other important tasks. Some people have erroneously believed that ejaculating makes you lose protein, which might make it harder to gain muscle. This myth probably stems from the fact that semen contains protein, which is why it's a component of sperm cells and seminal fluids. However, the protein found in semen is only a tiny fraction of the total amount of protein in the body, so masturbating or having sex does not cause any significant loss of protein.

Ejaculation is the release of seminal fluids and sperm from the penis. It most often occurs during sexual climax and orgasm. During the process, the bulbocavernosus muscle (part of the penis that encloses the urethra) contracts, forcing the seminal fluid out through the urethra. The fluid is joined by sperm that travels from the testes through the vas deferens.

Normally, healthy men produce about one teaspoon of semen per ejaculation, although this can vary. Semen consists of various components, including sperm cells, enzymes, sugar, and traces of proteins. The proteins in semen come from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, and they account for only about a third of the total protein in the body.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, talk to your doctor. He or she can refer you to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or couples therapist specializing in sex issues. Psychological treatment may be more effective than medications, and it can help address the underlying causes of your problem.

David Sunnyside
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