Does Imessage Notify When You Save a Photo?

January 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you’re an iPhone user, you may have heard about iMessage, Apple’s internet-based messaging platform that lets users send texts, GIFs, stickers, photos, documents, and videos. iMessage is encrypted and secure, so only the sender and the recipient can read any messages or media that are sent through it. However, some of the photos or videos sent through iMessage are automatically saved to the recipient’s device’s photo library. This happens silently without any notifications from iMessage to the sender, and is only known by the recipient.

Whether or not it’s right to save photos that have been shared on iMessage is a controversial topic that’s been debated for years. Many people are worried that if they share a photo through iMessage, the person who receives it will be able to keep it forever. This is why many people prefer services like Snapchat, where any shared photos are automatically deleted after a short period of time.

Does imessage notify when you save a photo?

Fortunately, there is no feature within iMessage that will notify you when someone copies or saves one of your messages. This would be an outrageous infringement of privacy and something that Apple does not allow. However, iMessage does have some features that can help you to prevent your photos from being saved or copied by other people. One of these features is the ‘Kept’ option, which allows you to mark specific messages as “Keep.” When marked, any media included in those messages will never be downloaded or saved by anyone else. Another way to prevent unauthorized downloads is to disable iMessage read receipts.

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