Does Jenna Ortega Speak Spanish?

January 28, 2024
David Sunnyside

Jenna Ortega has a very multicultural heritage. She is part Mexican and part Puerto Rican, and she also has some Argentinean roots. Because of this, many people wonder if Jenna Ortega speaks Spanish. Jenna has spoken a little bit of Spanish on social media, but she hasn’t really said much about her fluency in the language.

However, she does speak a little bit of German. A native German speaker has analyzed her and said that she can speak the language, but that she doesn’t sound very fluent at all. Jenna has also squished some words together in her German which makes it hard to understand.

In the video, Jenna is trying to encourage people in Latin America to watch Wednesday (also known as Merlina) and she struggles to get her words out. This sparked backlash from some fans who claimed that Jenna isn’t really a Latina if she doesn’t know how to speak Spanish.

Others pointed out that it’s common for kids of immigrants to not learn their parents’ languages in the United States. They often only speak English because they think it will help them get ahead in life. They also might feel that it’s more important to speak English in order to fit into American culture. Jenna has spoken a lot about her Latina heritage and being a voice for Latina representation in Hollywood, so it’s pretty clear that she is very passionate about the topic. This is why we believe that Jenna is still a Latina even though she doesn’t speak Spanish.

David Sunnyside
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