Does Kristen Bell Really Have Tattoos?

February 11, 2024
David Sunnyside

There are many people who have been wondering if actress Kristen Bell really has tattoos, and we are here to say she does not. The wholesome star is known for her positive messages on social media and her dedication to her family, so it was shocking to see leaked photos of the actress with all sorts of body art. However, the pictures are fake and she has denied the claims.

Despite being a successful actress with a strong message of positivity, Bell is also known for her edgier roles in films like Frozen and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The star is very sexy and sultry in her movies, and her sexy side has led to many rumors about her having tattoos on her body.

The rumors of Bell's 214 tattoos stem from a Funny or Die skit that was released way back in 2012. The three-minute clip showed a makeup team explaining how they cover Bell's tats before a day of shooting — she has to be ready by 3:30 am and it takes 12-14 hours.

The video went viral, and people started to think that all of Bell's tats were real. The tats that were shown in the video were actually temporary tattoos that she and her makeup team got for the filming of the sketch. Kristen has since denied the rumours of her having 214 tattoos and has said that the video was a prank. But many fans still believe that her tats are real, especially because she and her husband Dax Shepard have matching tattoos of their daughters Gemma and Ronan's names in ancient Persian and Scottish script.

David Sunnyside
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