Does Ring Work With Google Home?

December 28, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Ring Doorbell and the Google Home Hub are popular smart device additions to a home. Despite the fact that they are direct competitors, both devices are able to work together in many ways. However, there are some functions that cannot be utilized when using the two devices.

The first step to determining whether or not a Ring device will work with Google Home is to check the list of compatible devices. The Google Home app can be accessed on Android watches, phones, tablets, TVs, and some headphones. However, the integration is limited to devices that support Google Assistant. Additionally, the Ring camera's functionality is not available through Google Assistant on iOS systems.

Once a user has found the compatible Google Home device, they should follow the steps to link their Ring account to the Google Assistant app. They will need to enter their Ring account information and verify that they are the owner of the device. They will also be required to provide a security code sent to their email or phone number on record with Ring.

After linking the Ring and Google Home accounts, customers can access basic Ring features through the Google Assistant app. This includes checking the status of a Ring doorbell's battery, viewing device history, and controlling settings regarding motion alerts.

If a customer is interested in more advanced functions, they will need to utilize third-party integration options like IFTTT (If This Then That) or use a workaround. This may involve casting their Ring video feed to a Chromecast-enabled smart display device, for example.

David Sunnyside
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