Don't Watch This Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

dont watch this review

When Netflix decides to produce an anthology they need to make sure the quality-to-nonsense ratio is in their favour, unfortunately with dont watch this review that's not really the case. With a series that only has 5 episodes and runs for less than 10 minutes each, it's a shame that this is not a more compelling and well-rounded collection of horror shorts.

The first episode of this short series sees a social recluse invite two popular kids to her house for her birthday and things go horribly awry. This episode has a good idea but is ruined by bad acting and a lack of tension. The next short is much more entertaining and has a more interesting plot as we follow two boys exploring an abandoned house where they discover something is lurking in the cellar. Unfortunately the final episode is a disappointing end to this short series. It's basically a poorly constructed Ring video with upsetting and cringe-inducing scenes that don't do much to add to the genre.

This is a decent attempt at producing an anthology of horror shorts but it's let down by weak writing and a lack of scares. Despite having a good cast, it's not enough to elevate this into something worth watching.

David Sunnyside
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