Douglas Upstream Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Douglas has designed the Upstream series to bring a minimalist but highly functional approach to bush and up country fishing environments. These ultra-light rods take on the challenge of discreet presentation at close range while combining immediate control of line, fly and fish; a feat that few other rods can accomplish.

Cane Look - Graphite Blank w/Cane Feel

The Upstream’s unique cane-looking blank portrays a classic appearance, but it’s the underlying contemporary graphite technology that makes this rod special. The medium-slow action works to protect light tippets and maximize performance inside 30 feet. From dry flies on small creeks to swinging nymphs in backyard brooks, the Upstream will do it all.

Traditional Stripping Guides - The Upstream features simple, traditional snake guides to keep the overall rod weight low. These guides will also accommodate smaller fly lines without compromising performance.

All-Cork Reel Seat - The Upstream has a full cork reel seat to add comfort and style while keeping the overall rod weight low. This type of reel seat isn’t as durable or corrosion-proof as anodized aluminum, but it still does the job and looks great.

Whether you’re fishing a spring creek, backyard brook, or a spooky trout stream; the Upstream will let you slow down, make impeccable delicate presentations and enjoy the artwork of fly fishing. This is a beautiful rod that blends state-of-the-art graphite technology with old-fashioned values, and it will be one of the most fun rods you’ll ever fish.

David Sunnyside
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