Duck Season VR Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

duck season vr review

Duck season vr review

It's Summer 1988 and as your mum bursts through the door with groceries you're gifted with the latest video game for your Kingbit Entertainment System. Set in a recognisable living room, complete with toys and kitschy 90's references the player is thrust into the role of ten year old boy who immediately takes to firing away at an endless stream of ducks.

The premise may be familiar but what sets duck season apart from other VR gallery shooters is the level of detail and story that's present. The player's mother is seen on the couch with a distinctly unfriendly face, a creepy canine shows up in places it shouldn't be and there's an existential level of fear that builds throughout the game thanks to a well-implemented sense of horror.

The duck shooting is fun and challenging - it's definitely one of the best examples of a game that makes full use of the VR platform. However, it's only a small part of the overall experience. As soon as the player finishes the main narrative, there's a modest selection of other mini-games to play, which act as a break from pumping the shotgun and help keep the replay value high. And then there's the arcade mode, which lets players fire away at even more ducks and can provide hours of extra gameplay for those who've already beaten the story or are after some extra challenge in their FNAF/Slender-style horror games.

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