DUNU Luna 5.5 Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

DUNU Luna is an IEM that really does well at challenging the usual adage that single DD types are superior in timbre/tonality, but weaker in technicalities such as clarity, details, imaging and soundstage. This set delivers on this front, with a deep and high soundstage that should satisfy even the most demanding audiophiles. Bass is also quite nice, not overtly bassy but punchy and with quality texturing. Probably not the best IEM for bassheads though.

The monocular uses a 3v Lithium cell type CR123A battery which may not be familiar to some users, but can be readily found and replaced online. This allows the device to operate for about 6 hours without IR illumination, but only 4 hours with it enabled. This is considerably less than the battery life of NV devices that use an intensifier tube, but still reasonable.

While the phone does have a respectable performance for a Tracfone smartphone, it does suffer from some drawbacks like a small screen size and low internal storage capacity. The front and rear cameras are also below par, although it can be augmented with an external MicroSD card.

LUNA does offer some solid thrills and emotional beats, as well as the usual plot ideas that make it a decent thriller. Young Lisa Vicari does a great job of portraying the titular character and demonstrates some of the range, poise and strength that will help her stand out in future projects. Carlo Ljubek also plays his role as the primary supporting character with a subtle dark presence that helps to balance the volatile protagonist.

David Sunnyside
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