E-Commerce Product Catalog Improvement - 7 Tips to Boost the Performance

January 2, 2023

How to market the product efficiently to gain better returns? The details of the product are to convince the users to ensure a successful purchase. 

What is product catalog optimization? How will it make a difference in your ecommerce operation? Several businesses are running online, which increases competition for your products and services.  

With the optimized product catalog, you enhance customer experience by reshaping the digital shopping journey. 

What is an ecommerce product catalog?

This marketing collateral contains the list of essential product details for the customers. Product descriptions, dimensions, weight, color, customer reviews, features, and more must be included. A product catalog is used by businesses to understand the business's demand, customers, inventory, and revenue. 

Who will use the ecommerce product catalog?

An optimized product catalog is used by retailers and customers efficiently. At the same time, the retailers use them to list and organize the products they will sell, manage, and track the inventory. Whereas the customers use the product catalog to browse and search, learn, and purchase the products effortlessly. 

Multiple uses of the ecommerce product catalog are:

  • Organizing products: The sellers use it to list and manage the products they will sell in the online marketplace. It must have product information like name, description, images, and pricing. 
  • Manage Inventory: The sellers use product catalogs to manage and monitor the inventory. An optimized platform will have the quantity of product, last, restock information, and expected restocking time in case of unavailability. 
  • Browsing Products: Customers will access the ecommerce product catalog to browse and search for relevant products. It is easier to organize the products based on category, brand, pricing, and other criteria to make it effortless to search. 
  • Place Orders: When you have a structured product catalog, it will ensure that customers make a purchase online hassle-free.
  • Boost Traffic: Online shoppers will search for the products online and research to find the exact service. Optimizing the product catalog will increase visibility on search engines and drive more traffic to your platform. 

How to improve the ecommerce product catalog?

  • Revenue Generation 

When you aim to increase the average order value, it is important to display the product suggestions in the product catalog, upsell or cross-sell for the customers. A user focused on purchasing a single item will be interested in getting relevant products, which leads to increasing the order value. 

Cross-selling and upselling make the process simpler by providing a better version of the products to the customers. This will open more options for the customer by simply browsing the product catalog. 

  • Product Information Management 

The Ecommerce Product Store Management Services will use the correct practices for the product. A few criteria for choosing the PIM system are: 

  • Segmentation: Users can easily add information and attachments to deal with the product attributes like sizes, descriptions, discounts, and more. 
  • Import and Export: The catalog management tool seamlessly manages the product data to multiple sales channels. 
  • Personalization: It is important to personalize the catalog based on the different requirements of the customers and showcase products that are more likely to sell. 
  • Filtering: Provide easy filtering and sorting of products to the customers to make it easier to find relevant products. 

    Tag and Categorize Products 

The customers should easily browse through the product catalog by offering them to refine, sort, and filter the product information. Every ecommerce store provides resources for systematically categorizing and tagging the products. 

Some useful tips to categorize the products are:

  • Add product tags: Maintaining consistency in the product tags is important. If you use "Small" for certain products, avoid using "S." 
  • Measurement Units: When you add products to the ecommerce store, ensure to use a single unit. Do not use multiple terms, whether inches, centimeters, or meters, which will increase the confusion. 
  • No Limitations of attributes: It is important to include additional product attributes to help customers make an informed selection. Multiple attributes and categories must be added to the products to make it easier to search. 
  • Deal with Product Catalog Database

This is an unavoidable part of handling a product catalog. Some suggestions you must focus on with the help of virtual assistant services USA are:

  • Ensure a single source for the products to avoid replication. This makes the whole process highly efficient and prevents issues. 
  • Describe the roles and authorization for the database to ensure its credibility of the database. It will also secure the data quality and avoid any redundancy. 
  • Assessing the feasibility of the database growth. The product catalog information must be collected, organized, and managed to ensure better scalability of the business. 
  • Digital marketing strategies 

With the support of virtual assistant services, you can easily gain better visibility of the products and engage potential customers. They have the knowledge to drive sales with optimized display ads, keywords, images, and product descriptions. 

  • Timely updates

Every product in your ecommerce store changes after some time, whether subtle or big. It is important to update the products regularly to provide a better customer experience on your platform. This will also boost sales as customers can easily access the trending products with all the vital information. 

  • Know customer experience 

The information helps to understand whether the customers are happy, dissatisfied, or require assistance with the products. This will contribute the best to improve the product catalog. Ecommerce stores have various methods to gather customer experience. 

The Last Note!

Your business will generate better revenue with the right product catalog optimization strategies. But understand that this process requires continuous maintenance, improvement, and evaluation to bring effective solutions. 

Many virtual assistants have the right resource to bring effective change in your catalog and master the ecommerce business for quality customer experience. This strategy contributes to everything, be it boosting sales, customer satisfaction, or targeting a large-scale audience. 

Just provide full and organized information to gain customers' loyalty and nurture them with personalized solutions. 

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