Eachine H8 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

eachine h8 review

The Eachine h8 is an awesome quad, a natural progression from the E010. It's faster and slippery but also agile and punchy. It can do amazing flips, even if you click in full high rate mode and execute multiple backwards, sideways or triple flips, the quad recovers beautifully without loosing altitude.

You can also enter 'trim' mode with the button under the throttle stick (it's a beep for low rate, 2 beeps for high rate) and the quad is insanely fast! It can spin like a Whirling Dervish being chased by the dysney character Taz, it really is jaw dropping! You can also fly in headless mode by pressing the left stick down all the way.

One thing that is disappointing about this quad is it's poor range. It can only fly about 30 metres before the transmitter and quad start to lose contact. I've had it fly away twice, once into a *****ly bush and the other into a car front tyre (running forward prevented a 3rd incident).

Having said that, there is a hack to extend the range of this quad, a hole can be drilled through the white plastic front of the transmitter and the aerial pulled through. I've done this and it has boosted the range considerably, it works well even in decent breezes.

David Sunnyside
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