Eartec Ultralite Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

eartec ultralite review

The Eartec UL4S is a four-person full-duplex wireless intercom system. One "master" headset sets the digital sequence and your crew talks hands-free within a quarter mile. All electronics are built inside the earcups eliminating belt-worn transceivers and the need for a base station. The headsets are field programmable and can be expanded at any time to include more remote headsets. These single-ear headsets come with deluxe padding, noise-canceling microphones and a fully adjustable boom that swivels 270 degrees for wearing on either side of your head. Each headset includes a rechargeable Lithium battery that runs for about 6 hours. Batteries are easily changed out and can be charged externally on a multi-bay charger that comes with the system.

The eartec ultralite review is a breakthrough, self contained full-duplex wireless headset that eclipses traditional full-duplex communication systems. It operates on a DECT 1.9 GHz system that provides full duplex wireless communication between crew members without the need for belt worn transceivers or complicated base stations. Headsets are lightweight and comfortable with a sleek mid-weight design deluxe ear padding and a fully adjustable noise cancelling mic boom that swivels a full 270 degrees. The boom automatically mutes when set to the up position for hands free communication.

Complete kits include the HUB mini-base station master headset remote headsets and a carry case. Headsets are powered by externally rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries that can be kept charged on the multi-port charging base for continuous operation. Batteries are field replaceable for long term use and a spare battery is included so your team can be ready to communicate as soon as they arrive on location. Systems operate over a 1/4 mile range and include a convenient mute button that is activated by simply swiveling the boom to the up position.

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