Easton Beast Speed Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The easton beast speed review is the latest edition to the popular Beast lineup of USA bats designed for youth players. This hybrid -10 drop offers an excellent combination of power, durability and swing weight for younger sluggers looking to advance their skills and play at the next level. Featuring the ATAC Alloy two-piece construction with the new Speed Cap to create a more flexible and responsive barrel, this bat delivers loud powerful brute strength. During our testing we put this USA bat through 350+ forms of contact with baseballs in both high speed pitching and low-speed soft toss tests. This Easton Beast Speed youth bat remained durable, enduring only minor cosmetic handling marks and scuffs as well as no major structural damage like dents or cracks.

While there are many benefits of a balanced bat, those who have above-average swing speeds tend to prefer end-loaded models that deliver more mass into the barrel and thus increased power upon contact. This is why I like that this easton beast speed review has a rolled end cap to keep the swing weight in check without sacrificing the young player’s ability to generate more power.

The ten-inch handle features Easton’s DYNAMIC FEEL SYSTEM with 2-piece CONNEXION+ technology syncing the composite handle and ATAC aluminum alloy 2-5/8 barrel. This gives a more consistent feel and performance for players of all skill levels in any USA Baseball division. It comes backed by a one-year limited warranty from Easton.

David Sunnyside
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