Easton Typhoon Baseball Bat Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

easton typhoon baseball bat review

The Easton typhoon is a one piece aluminum bat approved for use in USA Bat leagues like Little League and Pony baseball. It is a simple bat that is built for the budget conscious player and has a super light swing weight. It is also very easy to swing which makes it perfect for the beginner hitter.

The bat is made of Easton's ALX100 performance alloy that is a reliable material that will not let you down at the plate. It also has a smaller barrel diameter of 2 1/4" and a drop 12 length-to-weight ratio which means that it will have a lot of speed behind the ball at contact. The end cap on the bat is a concave design that makes it easier for the hitter to get a balanced swing path through the zone when they are batting.

The Easton typhoon is an excellent choice for the beginning player and can help them improve their skills quickly. It is a very easy to use bat that will give you all the power you need for an impressive batting average. It is a great bat that is also affordable and is available to be delivered straight to your door!

David Sunnyside
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