Easy Ways to Prank Your Friends

February 20, 2024
David Sunnyside

There are some pranksters who make a living off pulling off mean-spirited stunts, like the ones in this Disney show. Others rely on a more subtle approach, like making people think they are in danger when they are actually safe. Still others rely on a combination of both, like Jackass alum Rachel Wolfson, who made the whole show worth watching by tazing herself and harassing the contestants.

You can also prank friends by simply texting them the lyrics to popular songs or random facts about sloths (which might amuse your friend more than anything else). You can even prank them at work by telling them that there is no toilet paper in the bathroom and then "accidentally" smear their hands with chocolate, which looks like poo. Another easy prank is to give them a saltshaker and fill it with sugar, so the next time they use it, they will get a surprise.

Another great option for pranking your friends is the Crack & Break It app, which allows you to shatter or break things on their screen with realistic audio. The app presents a skeuomorphic interface with a variety of objects to smash, including fluorescent tubes, glass blocks, light bulbs, bottles, and balloons. The free version includes three calls per day but it's worth paying a few bucks for the pro version if you want to get even more creative with your pranks.

If you really want to prank someone, buy them some fake phone stickers and smudge their screen with them while they aren't looking. When they notice, you can tell them that it was just a joke and enjoy watching their reaction.

David Sunnyside
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