Echo CS 7310SX Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The echo cs 7310sx review is the latest model in the company’s range of professional chainsaws. It’s the biggest saw in their catalogue and offers the sort of performance and longevity that should appeal to loggers and arborists looking for a machine to work as hard as they do. It’s built to a very high standard with quality materials throughout, and doesn’t have that cheap-and-nasty plastic feel of some competitors. The controls, for example, are all metal toggle switches rather than those red plastic ones that can often break or fall apart.

It’s also packed with features that are designed to make it a great tool for professional forestry work. This includes the G-force engine air pre-cleaner that massively reduces maintenance time by keeping the internal components free from dust and debris. The inertia-triggered chain-brake will bring the saw to a stop quickly and easily in the event of an emergency, and the ergonomically designed rear handle helps to minimise vibrations for user safety.

Other useful features include a tool-less chain tensioner that makes it easy to change the chain, and an in-built lubrication system for quick maintenance. The CS-7310SX is part of Echo’s X Series range of “best-in-class” products, and comes with either a two or five year professional warranty.

David Sunnyside
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