EcoFINISH's Aqua Bright Pool Finish Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

aqua bright pool finish review

Whether it’s unavoidable rust stains from fertilizer that blows into the pool or metal rebar bleeding through the plaster finish, or pitting and discoloration from acidic or salt water, old plaster pools are always a mess. With aqua bright, you can have a gorgeous pool again without the unattractive blemishes that plague traditional plaster finishes.

ecoFINISH's aquaBRIGHT is a thermal polymer coating that replaces traditional tinted or white pool plaster and painted finishes. It is a game changer for the pool industry, especially here on Bonaire. Unlike the cement based products like plaster and pebble, which are susceptible to the chemical reactions of aggressive pool water that dissolves calcium compounds resulting in deterioration, discoloration and staining.

When it comes to stain resistance, aquaBRIGHT has proven itself time and again. Even during the worst winter pool abuse (a biological soup of leaves, rain water, algae, etc.) a pool covered with an aquaBRIGHT finish came back clean and beautiful in only 3 days.

In addition to being a long lasting stain resistant surface, aquaBRIGHT is a pH neutral surface that won’t counter-balance the chemicals you add to your pool. This reduces/eliminates the need for costly hard chemicals at start up and throughout the life of your pool.

Unlike plaster, aquaBRIGHT is elastic and resists the movements that are common in this volcanic rock island called Bonaire. This allows us to coat all the way up to the waterline and over the coping stones without cracking. It also doesn’t react with the sun’s heat and can be applied right over prefabricated fiberglass pools that are in need of a facelift and are looking sad and neglected.

David Sunnyside
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