Eddyline Equinox Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

eddyline equinox review

The eddyline equinox review is an excellent kayak that is perfect for paddlers looking to step up their kayaking game. It combines the comfort and stability of a recreational kayak with the performance and tracking features of a true sea kayak.

The Equinox has an efficient V hull and hard chines to provide stability and glide, as well as excellent tracking and turning capability. Its ample cockpit is equipped with thigh braces and hip pads for added control and comfort.

Eddyline has a number of models in their popular line of recreational kayaks. Many of these boats are constructed using Carbonlite 2000, an impact resistant multi-layered plastic that is more environmentally friendly than fiberglass.

These yaks are also popular because they have an excellent track record for surviving tough conditions. Their hatches seal well and stay dry, they have large comfortable cockpits, and their deck rigging and overall design are first rate.

One of the best things about the equinox is that it doesn’t come with a rudder. This means that it doesn’t need a skeg to help with turns and can be more responsive to edged turns.

The equinox also comes fully rigged with elegant styling, front deck bungees, rear deck re-entry lines and Eddyline retractable carrying handles and security loops.

The equinox has an efficient hull with an excellent glide and a low profile which makes it an ideal boat for beginners. Its short length allows it to be easily towed and launched, and it carries speed very well. This enables you to cover more ground in less time, and it helps you learn the basics of cruising.

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