EGO Backpack Blower Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

ego backpack blower review

Backpack blowers are a great solution for homeowners who want to remove leaves without having to use a heavy lawn mower. They can be especially helpful during the fall leaf pick-up season when it's difficult to use a traditional lawn mower.

EGO backpack blower review

The ego power+ LB6002 is a strong cordless electric blower that has the same power as a gas-powered blower. Inspired by turbine fan engineering, this model uses advanced aeronautics technology to deliver a full 580 CFM of air volume.

Compared to gas-powered models, it performs much better and is less noisy. It also has a variable-speed trigger and cruise control.

It's very powerful, with an extra boost of up to 650 CFM when the turbo button is engaged. And the 56-volt, 5-Ah ARC lithium battery can last an hour and a half at low speed and 15 minutes at top speed.

Handling is comfortable, with a hard, flat-bottomed frame that lets it sit upright on a shelf or floor. The padded backpack straps and harness are well-designed to provide comfort and support, and the throttle is mounted on the tube for ease of operation.

Variable-speed control offers more precise control for removing different types of debris. It's easy to switch between speed modes, and the throttle is easy to access with your left hand.

The ego battery backpack blower is one of the best options we've seen for moving large quantities of leaves and debris. It's quiet, lightweight, and has a long run time. It's a great choice for home owners and pros alike.

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