Endless Space Disharmony Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

endless space disharmony review

Endless Space is a beautiful and deep 4X, with unique technologies and flowers, an engaging combat system, planetary anomalies and galactic wonders. But despite the standard set of features, something is missing. Some players have said the game has no soul, that it lacks depth and character.

Disharmony is an expansion that is designed to bring more of this depth and character to the game. It introduces a new faction, the crystalline race called The Harmony, which has a unique play style that makes the faction stand out from the others. The expansion also adds new battle formations, a redesigned weapon system, a reworked invasion mechanic, and an improved AI that is more unpredictable.

One of the biggest changes to combat is the addition of fighters and bombers that can be deployed to the frontlines and engage enemy fleets directly. This adds a new dimension to combat that was often boring and monotonous before.

The other big change is a rework of the priority system. Now players can choose to give different systems priority in battles, allowing them to better manage the power of their entire fleet. Another change is that now different weapons can fire at ranges other than their native ones, adding more variety to battles.

Other improvements include a rework of the tax system that removes the need for approval modifiers and increases food and industry output during a strike, while reducing the chance of going in the red. Also, an Adaptive Multi-Agent System has been implemented to make the enemy AI much more unpredictable and thus harder to predict.

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