Engwe Electric Bike Review

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

engwe electric bike

Are You Searching for an Eco-Friendly Solution or Exhilarating Ride on Weekends? Look no further! The Engwe Engine Pro bike offers Logan Hydraulics disc brakes and an advanced suspension system.

It features a strong locking mechanism to maintain organized at-home storage, as well as a generous load capacity and two different motor power options to meet EU and US regulations.


The Engwe L20 electric bike is an economical yet versatile solution, featuring thick tires capable of absorbing vibrations caused by bumpy terrain as well as a suspension fork for added support. Unfortunately, however, its weight makes it cumbersome to carry up stairs or store.

The Engwe Electric Bikes Pro is their flagship model and boasts all of the features one would expect from a high-performance electric bike. It comes equipped with a 20" aluminum alloy frame featuring bright brushed finish and boasts a powerful 750W rear hub motor, plus 48V battery that allows up to 120 km travel range.

The bike features a five-button bar-mounted remote with full color LCD display, folding design for convenient storage in closets or trunks, and comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any damage done to parts by non-human sources.


The Engwe M20 electric bike offers powerful performance at an attractive price point. Equipped with three power modes and five levels of assistance, its powerful 750W motor provides enough power to get you over rough terrain and up hills with ease, and comes equipped with fat all-terrain tires to offer comfort on virtually every surface.

This bike offers an enjoyable riding experience thanks to its front hydraulic fork and rear shock. Additionally, its efficient design features include a rear hub motor with 21 gears.

Ghost pedaling, in which your pedaling has no effect on the bike's speed, is one of the Engwe M20's main drawbacks; this can be remedied by adjusting its cadence sensor. Furthermore, its smart display shows your speed, battery level and other relevant data so that you are safe and informed during journeys while setting desired pace goals for rides.


Engwe e-bikes are designed to deliver top performance and value. Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, three riding modes, and an intuitive display. Offering pedal assist up to 20mph as well as pure electric mode for those seeking adrenaline rush. Plus they come equipped with front and rear suspension to provide comfortable rides.

Engwe is an established brand that has been serving 30 markets internationally since 2014 and offers an affordable e-bike product selection, including folding models. Their products boast quality components but may lack some of the more advanced features found on higher-end bikes - making them suitable for casual riders or beginners. Their bikes are reliable, durable, come with warranties, feature front/rear disc brakes as well as padded saddles; plus LED headlight/taillight lights to ensure safety.


Engwe is a direct-to-consumer brand that sells its electric bikes worldwide, eliminating the middleman and offering lower prices to its consumers. Furthermore, Engwe offers free shipping as well as one year warranties on its products.

The bikes from this company are well-made, lightweight, and boast an array of features. These include front and rear LED lights to make cycling at night more visible as well as an original Shimano shifter to help select the optimal speed for each rider.

Engwe's 2023 lineup boasts two new e-bike models: M20 and L20. Each offers a low step-through frame and 750W motor, with the latter boasting EU compliance for EU market availability. Furthermore, fat tire absorb shock from rough terrain for comfortable travel on any terrain while offering plenty of torque to climb hills seamlessly; their range extends between 10-40 miles making these ideal commuter bikes.

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