Entegra Launch Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Every summer automakers show off their newest machines that they think are going to be the next big thing, and in the RV world one team that has always been known for its pursuit of the ultimate luxury RV has begun to roll out some new Class Bs designed with off-road dominance in mind. Enter the 2022 Entegra Launch, a four-wheel-drive motorhome built on the Sprinter chassis that is meant to take on rugged off-road adventures and also enhance modern minimalist and nomadic lifestyles with innovative technology and beautiful amenities.

A key feature is the Sprinter 4X4 premium Mercedes-Benz chassis with on-demand four-wheel drive and E-Z Drive, which are meant to create one of the smoothest rides in a camper van. In addition to the chassis, a number of other systems are built to help you navigate rough terrains, including Koni shocks, a heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar, and BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. Off-grid power is also a part of the package with a 48V 210 amp hour smart lithium battery and 200 watts of solar panels.

Inside the Launch you'll find plenty of storage to keep all your gear, supplies, and clothing organized, along with luxurious comforts like Tecnoform European-style cabinetry, durable rubber flooring, RAM Tough-Track mounts throughout, a hydronic heating system that has LED touchscreen control, and a user-friendly Firefly Multiplex command center. Entegra Coach also added thoughtful design details that make camper van life easier, such as heated swivel passenger and driver seats, a smartphone tray with wireless charging capability, and a fold-down exterior table that makes it easy to eat outdoors or work at the campground.

David Sunnyside
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