Epi Cat Review - A Review of the All-Natural Muscle Building Supplement Epi Cat

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

epicat review

Several factors impact your ability to build muscle (diet, exercise, recovery), but the biggest one is your genetics. Your genes determine your body’s innate limits to mass, and they aren’t easy to change!

That’s why Blackstone Labs has developed Epi Cat, a powerful new natural performance enhancer that will unlock a gateway to massive muscle gains like never before. This non-hormonal steroid free supplement uses a clinically proven ingredient called epicatechin to inhibit your muscles’ release of myostatin, allowing them to grow larger than they ever thought possible!

It can also improve endurance and strength, and promote fat burning by enhancing thermogenesis and metabolism. Take it as a daily supplement for a year-round, all-natural approach to superior muscle growth and endurance.

Epi Cat is a potently dosed blend of two ingredients that work together to trigger the release of follistatin, which blocks myostatin’s actions, allowing your muscles to grow stronger and bigger than you ever imagined! This combination of epicatechin and green tea extract should be a staple in any muscle building routine.

It is a natural, steroid-free formula that can be used year-round and is completely safe for men and women of all ages. It can be stacked with any testosterone booster or anti-estrogen for even better results! It is also a great addition to any training regimen that requires additional energy and endurance, especially for those who already have a higher level of testosterone.

David Sunnyside
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