EpicVIN Adds Emissions Data for 12million Missouri Vehicles to Mobile-Friendly Vehicle History Report Database

December 8, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

Epicvin has added vehicle emissions testing results from more than 12,000,000 Missouri vehicles to its online database. Consumers shopping for a used vehicle on the company’s Cars.EpicVIN.com website now have instant access to government-required safety and vehicle emissions check information.

An industry leader in vehicle history reports, EpicVIN continues to improve its online database with the addition of new information, more ways for vehicle owners to access and save vehicle reports, and user-friendly data visualization features that make the reports easy to read and understand. EpicVIN vehicle history reports can be accessed with a vehicle’s VIN number from the company’s website, using a desktop computer or mobile device.

EpicVIN delivers a one-stop shop for smart vehicle ownership, making it easier to buy, sell, and own a car.

The VIN checker connects shoppers with used vehicles for sale around the country and helps dealers connect with more buyers online. The EpicVIN Vehicle History Report mobile app includes a barcode scanning feature, making it even easier to access a free vehicle history report anywhere, from any mobile device. The free reports include key information for prospective buyers, including a vehicle’s previous owners, mileage, accident details, and more.

Importance of Completing Annual Vehicle Inspections

A vehicle emissions test is a review of the car’s exhaust system, comparing the results against specific environmental standards set by the government. The test is required each year in some, but not all states across the country and is often matched with an annual vehicle safety check, which ensures safety features like seatbelts and airbags are also working properly. Accessing emissions and safety check information for a used vehicle can help a prospective buyer better understand the vehicle’s history, including past repairs and safety issues.

In the U.S., vehicle safety and emissions check requirements vary by state, with some places requiring an annual inspection and smog check, and others requiring only one, or neither. If you move to a new state or purchase a vehicle from a state you do not live in, it’s important to understand the requirements for vehicle emissions testing and safety inspections, to ensure your vehicle meets those requirements each year. EpicVIN is making it easier for car shoppers and owners to understand whether their vehicle meets the standards their state requires.

Non-electric vehicles burn fuel to produce energy, which is a major cause of air pollution in the U.S. and around the world. These emissions have been linked to negative effects on the environment and health, and the government requires vehicles to meet new emissions standards that are designed to reduce the impact of air pollution. If a vehicle fails an annual smog check, repairs to the vehicle must be made to ensure the vehicle meets these environmental standards. As cars age, they can develop safety hazards and pollute more than newer vehicles.

(Source: epicvin.com)


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