Epipe 618 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

epipe 618 review

Article about epipe 618 review

The epipe 618 plus provides a smooth, very natural feeling and very satisfying vape, which combined with its stylish design and sturdy gift/storage box makes it an excellent alternative to standard devices on the market or a fantastic present for any vapor. The kit comes complete with two 2.5ml dual coil clearomisers which produce large plumes of vapour and allow you to keep an eye on how much e-liquid is left. You can choose to keep one tank as a spare in case of emergencies or, if you like variety fill both tanks with different flavour e-liquids and use them alternately.

The epipe 618 is activated upon drawing air through the device, so it cannot be accidentally switched off when in your pocket or bag – and it has an automatic cut off that cuts power after 5 seconds of continual drawing – a really useful safety feature. The epipe 618 plus also creates far more vapor/smoke than the previous model. For more details about this product and to see the full specification, please visit OUR SALES LISTINGS.

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