Epson P 600 Review

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

epson p 600 review

Epson Pro Printer Series 600 Review The Epson P 600 review is the newest edition to Epson's Pro printer line and boasts of high-resolution pigment inkjet printing capabilities for large media. Utilizing Epson UltraChrome HD inks which offer print longevity ratings comparable with lab prints; as well as its expanded color gamut capabilities allowing print on roll paper of up to 13 inches wide.

Like its predecessors, the P600 is easy to set up and use. The machine comes in a large box and includes everything necessary, such as an easy-to-use paper tray for flat sheets, roll paper holders that accept papers up to 13 inches wide with 2-inch cores, printed basic setup instructions booklet and driver software for Windows (and links) that allows access to online user manual. In contrast to some recent Epson printers with small LCD displays that only show current status information about machine operation or maintenance tasks, P600 features an easier-to-use 2.7 inch touchscreen touchscreen touchscreen that provides valuable data while helping guide users through tasks such as loading different types of paper or performing maintenance activities.

Print quality is superb, with vibrant colors and excellent detail. The color gamut is very wide, enabling this printer to reproduce most images without visible banding or artifacts; blacks are deep and rich, boasting better gray balance than most printers even at lower resolutions; plus this printer excels at printing smooth gradients such as those seen in landscape photos or portraits.

Another standout feature of this printer is its unique ability to switch between CMYK and PMK inks using its menu system. Simply switching without replacing ink nozzles saves both time and money when printing; its ink cartridges may be fairly pricey at $32 for 25.9 millilitres but they still come out cheaper than multifunction ink that costs as much or even more per millilitre.

This P600 printer is an outstanding professional-grade option for anyone who wishes to produce high-quality prints at home, including photographers who do a lot of fine-art printing. In terms of price and features, photographers will find few better printers. While its print speed may not compare with some larger machines, that shouldn't really be an issue for most people; its only two potential drawbacks would be its lack of roll cutter and 13-inch width limit for paper width; otherwise it makes an excellent choice for serious photographers - read the full article for more info about it!

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