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January 5, 2023

Digital Retailing in the Automotive Industry | Digital Dealer

If you are in the car dealership space, you may be aware of digital retailing. If you are unaware of this term, you are in the right place. Automotive digital retailing is one of the most powerful tools for your dealership that will bring your business into a bright future. It will bring more sales and engagement with the help of automation and reduce your efforts. If done correctly, it ties your digital and physical processes in a seamless experience that can be navigated in any direction despite the number of times a customer wants to switch from the showroom to the internet and back. 

So, here in this article, we will provide an in-depth insight into digital retailing and more about how to choose, implement, and benefit from automotive digital retailing.

What is Digital Retailing?

Automotive digital retailing is a procedure that enables a fully connected, integrated purchasing experience that makes the car buying journey more convenient & less time-consuming for the customers. An ideal digital retailing could enable your customers to access the products seamlessly, further increasing the possibility of a sale and allowing customers to simply pick up from where they left off while getting into the dealership.

Digital retailing makes your platform or website more transactional. You must consider your website visitors as digital walk-ins. Your digital or virtual showroom is the first opportunity to make a positive impression on your customer. Nowadays, the website is the first place where you connect with your potential customer for the first time. You can make the first impression impactful with the help of automotive digital retailing by providing your customers with the tools to complete all the car buying steps regardless of their need, place, and progress as per their convenience.

Capabilities of Automotive Digital Retailing 

The automotive digital retailing experience could offer a user-friendly path to purchase a car, which enables an online buyer to self-examine a car and complete the buying process online. Buying a new car involves various steps, and the selection process for each customer is different. However, dealerships can make the process easy and smooth for shoppers.

Some of the capabilities that can be offered by this digital solution consist of the following:-

  • Vehicle Search: You can help customers search as per their preference by enabling advanced browsing according to type, new/used, model, make, price, age, and more. 
  • Comparison: One effective automotive marketing trick is to let customers choose cars and compare them for consideration while they browse.
  • Trade-in Valuations: Nowadays, buyers want the facility to exchange their old car for discounts on their next vehicle purchase. So, you must allow your customers to get the information about the vehicle and upload photos & videos so that you can provide an accurate trade-in value remotely to the customer. 
  • Human Assist: These days, the customer's expectation is immediate action and better interactions with the dealer. So, you must make the communication process easy for your customer. Also, make it easy for shoppers to find and buy a car as per their needs. Your platform must be integrated with essential communication features such as messaging, built-in chat, easy-to-use video tech, and email widgets to engage your shopper virtually. 
  • Payment Quoting: The basic payment, calculated without taxes and add-ons, usually establish impractical payment expectations. Your automotive marketing & retailing solution could enable the buyer to view the eligible purchase & lease options for payment that should match the budget of the customer and choice of vehicle. 
  • Negotiation: Due to digital retail transparency, people's perceptions of prices are more accurate. To assist customers in understanding the transaction structure and calculating payments based on the vehicle selling price, approved lender terms, and trade valuation, good dealerships will provide live virtual support. The buyer should be able to modify the terms after receiving the quote and recalculate the price before the final purchase.
  • Scheduling: Your automotive digital retailing efforts must consist of a scheduling option that enable shoppers to book or schedule a test drive at the dealership or remotely. A lot of digital retail models do not enable buyers to test the car before they buy it, which leads to poor conversion. Scheduled vehicle delivery is also crucial, regardless of whether the buyer wants the car delivered remotely or to take it at the dealership. You can consider automotive shop management software to automate your tasks.


Integration of automotive digital retailing at your digital dealership is much easier than you think. Just remember - you will need high-quality car images to showcase your cars online. Platforms like Spyne provide AI-powered photography and image editing solutions, which can help you out in that regard. 

Spyne provides you with a 100% consistent cataloging and an AI-guided shoot process, to ensure top quality. The platform enables you to increase car sales by 40% by providing detailed, high-quality images for your listing.


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