Exploring Productivity Apps: A Look Into Tools Transforming Work Habits

February 26, 2024
Natalie Thorburn


Productivity is a highly individual matter. There are countless tips on how to enhance efficiency out there, but bear in mind that what's effective for others may not necessarily align with your unique work habits. This principle also applies to the vast selection of productivity applications. The key lies in pinpointing your specific needs. We have compiled a universal list of work productivity apps, your task is to choose those that best suit your needs and tasks.


Top 10 Apps for Productivity

#1 DocuSign

DocuSign has become a ubiquitous tool in the modern era of digital transactions, allowing individuals and businesses alike to effortlessly manage and sign contracts or documents online. With the convenience of mobile applications from DocuSign, you're able to review and sign documents directly from your smartphone, utilizing just the touchscreen and a finger swipe. While professionals commonly use DocuSign to streamline workflows, the app is equally useful for personal matters—whether that's signing a child's permission slip or finalizing a residential lease. Users can access the basic signing features at no cost.

#2 Call Recorder for iPhone

You can get quite a lot of benefits by making a record call on your iPhone. You can easily prove your point, use the recording as a reminder, or share your thoughts with other people. If we are talking about Call Recorder for iPhone, then you can also record incoming calls without even receiving the call. Call Recorder for iPhone can save recordings of any length. According to many users from the App Store, this is the best call recording app for the iPhone.

#3 Engross

If enhancing concentration during remote work is your goal, or if you're aiming to smoothly sail through a bustling lifestyle, Engross could be your ally.  This application comes equipped with a suite of productivity-boosting features: a Pomodoro timer, an integrated planner and calendar, reminders, as well as data insights on your time usage patterns Its sleek, minimalist interface is engineered for straightforward usage, saving you time that would otherwise be lost navigating complex software.


IFTTT, which sounds like 'gift,' stands for "if this, then that." It is both a platform and an app that allows you to craft personalized automations across various online services and gadgets. While it has some similarities with Apple Shortcuts, IFTTT boasts a longer history and a broader range of app integrations beyond just iOS devices. As an example, you could set up a command such as: "If I am tagged in a Facebook photo, then automatically store that photo in my Dropbox." Creating these types of automations is relatively straightforward. However, for those who prefer plug-and-play solutions, there is an option to use pre-made automations crafted by the community. Simply select and activate any of them to make the automation part of your own setup.

#5 Forest

Forest transforms your concentration into a flourishing virtual grove. Set your sights on work and watch a digital sapling mature into a towering tree. But beware—if distraction or procrastination lure you away, your burgeoning sprout withers away.

Need to pinpoint how you best focus? Forest's personality quiz tailors your experience for maximum productivity. And it's not all virtual—tour focused efforts have real-world impact. With the help of Trees for the Future, Forest plants living trees, funded by virtual coins from dedicated users like you.

#6 Basecamp

Basecamp emerged as a pioneer in the realm of cloud-based collaborative tools. It functions as a digital app, or rather, a centralized virtual space, where teammates congregate to focus on their tasks. You can upload documents, deliberate over necessary revisions, enumerate tasks and delegate them accordingly, and consolidate meeting notes in a single accessible spot for everyone's convenience.

#7 Brain.fm

Brain.fm ranks high on our list of productivity tools, offering a unique auditory experience that catalyzes concentration, calm, meditation, and improved sleep in a remarkably short time frame of 10 to 15 minutes. The concept that music can significantly influence our mental states is well-founded, not merely anecdotal. With Brain.fm, the integration of scientific insights into the creation of music allows for the tailoring of soundscapes to align with your specific goals. Simply prep your audio setup, select a track that promotes productivity, and experience the app's magic at work.

#8 Airtable

Airtable operates as an advanced, web-based application, leveraging the functionality of a relational database system. This versatile application can streamline your solo projects or collaborative efforts by offering sophisticated tools to manage diverse sets of data. For instance, imagine you're a part of a team orchestrating a charity auction. Airtable could serve as your central platform for cataloging auction items, detailing their specifics, delegating preparatory tasks among your team, and even orchestrating the sequence of events on the auction day itself.

#9 MindMeister

MindMeister reinvents your business brainstorming and data visualization needs with its state-of-the-art digital mind mapping technology. Whether you're solo or part of a team, MindMeister facilitates real-time collaboration and project planning, ensuring that sharing and developing ideas is frictionless.

#10 Raycast

Discover the power of Raycast, the beloved productivity enhancer transforming the Mac experience. It introduces a command-centric approach to managing tasks, streamlining searches, and executing workflows, all from one unified interface. This is where you can effortlessly launch applications, run scripts, and sift through files. But Raycast's true potential is unlocked with its plethora of add-ons, like those offered by Reclaim.ai. Simplify your digital life with instant access to your calendar, GitHub repositories, Jira tasks, and much more—just a few keystrokes away.


If you want to improve your productivity, you can't do without the right apps for work. Here you can find applications for various applications that help optimize business processes and plan working time more efficiently.


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