Facebook Feed Plugins To Look Out For In 2023

November 21, 2022
Justin Lumiere


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We all know that Facebook has paved the way for all the upcoming and existing social media platforms. Initially, Facebook was only utilized for its capabilities to connect pals across the globe, but now with the sudden shift of dynamics of content creation and the advent of cheap and accessible internet services, it has given marketers and advertisers a handy tool to endorse and promote their products and brands.

Similarly, WordPress has revolutionized the internet business by helping users easily build their websites. Marketers and developers always hunt down possibilities to make their WP websites more engaging and entertaining to moderate their bounce rate.

Now they can choose to embed Facebook feed on WordPress websites. This would enhance the look of the page by adding to its vibrant and aesthetic quotient and eventually steer more traffic to the page. The developer has multiple options in terms of social media aggregator tools to embed Facebook feeds on the webpage. Some of the most suitable, affordable, and accessible plugins are discussed below.

The Most Feasible Facebook Feed Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2023

Mentioned below are a few handpicked and amazing Facebook Plugins for WordPress websites. These plugins are affordable and feasible for all big and small website owners who are initially stepping into the spectrum of embedding Facebook feed on WordPress.

1. Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin by Tagembed:

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When it comes to affordability and a user-friendly interface, Tagembed is one of the best options for embedding Facebook feeds. The tool allows you to collect - curate, and embed Facebook feed and widget from various leading social media platforms.

There is also a wide range of templates and designs to choose from to create beautiful and vibrant website user browsing experiences. The tool permits its users to do the utmost customization in widgets as per the requirements. It also has features of analyzation and moderation along with a profanity filter so that only screened and proof-viewed content gets published to make the website look more authentic and professional.

From the price stand, the Plugins are free of cost. This makes it one of the leading in the price spectrum and affordable for website developers who are just starting to design.

2. 10 Web Social Photo Feed:

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This plugin allows you to swiftly and smoothly incorporate desired Facebook feeds onto the webpage. This is a very reliable and trusted plugin for embedding various pictures, videos, and posts from platforms and showcasing them. The user can stream videos from any source and customize their style. Plus, there is also no feed limitation. Thus, the user can put up multiple exciting and intriguing feeds to boost the website’s engagement. A well-reputed website has a high chance of increased conversion rate, which makes it stand apart from its competitors.

3. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream:

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Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream has offered its users different and attractive layout designs along with a responsive display to add charm to the website. The plugin offers a feature of a display button that enables an increase in the engagement of the webpage and its search engine ranking.

It also has a dedicated consumer assisting team that helps the users to access the tool without any hassle and regulate the displayed media counters like comments, likes, and views. This eventually helps the website to garner more traffic and build a significant presence online.

4. Widget for Social Page Feeds:

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Social media tends to dominate and navigate our lives in various aspects, including our brand’s presence and reputation on the internet. Embedding some insightful and colorful feeds from Facebook onto our website bridges a gap between the visitor and the website, which will result in high conversion rates.

The Widget for Social Page is one tool you are looking for to delegate this task. The tool enables you to embed Facebook successfully feed of your choice. This tool also supports Short codes that make the job easy and has a feature to segregate and monitor the feeds on the timeline of the website.

5. EmbedSocial:

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Yet another popular tool is Embed Social. It assists in compiling social media feeds from various social media platforms and showcasing them on the page. The plugin is time efficient and super easy to use. It enables its users to embed feeds from Facebook conveniently and without the required coding knowledge and skills. Being one of the most popular among the lot acts as social proof of its genuineness. The plugin also ranks highly on the SEO search engine, which adds to its popularity quotient.

6. Social Feed:

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Social Feed is a very efficient and accessible plugin that allows users to select a source of their choice to embed the feeds from; here, from Facebook, it allows the display of desired posts, timelines, and comments on the user’s page. The tool interface is designed, so the user can embed feeds without additional technical expertise. In addition to the features of customization and moderation, the plugin also has an inbuilt feature to display Facebook-like buttons, which eventually targets to increase the brand’s followers on Facebook.

The Parting Note

We have drawn parallels between our dependence on the internet and the use of it for our marketing tactics. Connecting the world through Facebook and then further embedding some interesting, intriguing, and exciting feeds from the platform can prove beneficial for the website in terms of garnering more traffic and building and sustaining the brand’s reputation in the internet space. Above mentioned are some handpicked and best pocket-friendly plugins for WordPress websites.


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