Fairdale Lookfar Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

fairdale lookfar review

Fairdale are a small bike company from Austin, Texas who focus on bikes designed to be tough, adaptable and a lot of fun to ride. Their Weekender model is their notion of the ideal utilitarian all rounder; a bike that could be a legitimate replacement for your car, a load hauling commuter or simply a fun bike to ride around town on. It has a high quality Chromoly steel frame, simple durable components and medium width hybrid tires that balance speed on the road with the ability to ride comfortably on grass or dirt paths.

They have created a step-thru version of this bike which we think is a great addition to the line up. This makes it easy for those who have difficulty getting on and off of a conventional bike to enjoy the ride. This model features the same components as the regular Lookfar with a few minor tweaks.

The bike has 8 easy to use gears that are operated with one simple trigger shifter and wide reliable tyres that feel fast on the road but are still big enough to confidently handle rough terrain. The Lookfar's durable steel frame shares geometry with their popular Weekender models that are known for all day comfort.

For this year Fairdale have teamed up with legendary skate brand Toy Machine to offer not 1 but 2 limited edition bikes; The brainwashing brown Macaroni and the brainwashing white Lookfar both come stock with Fairdale's Adjust-A-Rack and Skaterack and feature custom Toy Machine art by Ed Templeton.

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