Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

fairy tail dragon cry review

When the members of the Fire-breathing Dragon Slayer guild Fairy Tail reunited, they formed a team no one could topple. Their next mission might be the last.

Natsu, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Lucy are summoned by the Kingdom of Fiore to a magical city named Crocus to take on a dangerous task: retrieving an artefact that can destroy entire empires from an island called Stella. But before they can go there, they have to fight the traitor Zash Caine, a man whose magic can take control of people by staring at their eyes.

There’s plenty of battles to enjoy in this film, but it also takes a few artistic choices that don’t quite feel right in the world of Fairy Tail. The transformation scenes for Carla (the magic girl who commands the wind) and Lucy (the celestial spirit who fights with a set of cat sidekicks) are both gorgeous and well-drawn, but they do seem out of place within the manga’s universe.

The movie doesn’t give a lot of backstory for the main characters. There’s only a couple of scenes that really explain why Zeref and Acnologia have been together, and it’s all a bit too much for someone who hasn’t read the manga to understand.

The movie does its best to add something for fans of the manga to appreciate, but it feels like there’s nothing in this film that couldn’t have been done in the anime. That’s not to say it’s a bad movie, but it just doesn’t do enough to make you want to watch more.

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