Fall Guys Skeleton Game Review

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

The Fall Guys have become an icon of pop culture thanks to their bizarre appearance and gameplay involving leaping over cotton candy landscapes and correctly guessing sugary fruit. But what do these colorful jelly beans look like on the inside?

Tudor Morris, senior concept artist at Glow Forth Studios, shared an alarming x-ray view of these adorable 6 foot jelly beans on Twitter that will forever alter how we perceive these adorable creatures.

Humanoid Skeletons

Fall Guys are jelly beans adrift in pink slime who compete in guessing games to be named champion. Though they appear friendly enough, their world can often be overwhelming and disquieting.

Mediatonic, the developers behind the game, revealed in a tweet from Mediatonic that its characters feature nightmare skeletons including abs, useless nipples, and long taffy-like bones - further darkening its story lore.

Mediatonic has previously shared details of its Fall Guy lore, making their world more terrifying than expected. Senior concept artist Tudor Morris also provided more accurate anatomy illustrations of Fall Guys on Twitter; showing their spine-stretched bodies with clawed fingers. While this doesn't change their skeletal nature, it adds another terrifying dimension.


Since Fall Guys first released, its developers have allowed players to customize their skeletons with some pretty humorous clothing - from fast food costumes to hammer head suits! Your bean-shaped friends won't know what hit them next!

Some costumes can only be found in the featured item pool, which resets every 72 hours; others require purchasing currency to unlock them.

One of the more unexpected costume choices available to customers is one inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog; unfortunately this particular option will only be available at select stores for a limited period.

Fall Guys and The Wolf Among Us have become synonymous, with characters from the former featuring in a popular video game whodunnit. Players can even dress their Fall Guys as characters from this sci-fi thriller which follows members of a space crew trying to detect imposters among their ranks.

No Voice Box

This reanimated skeleton possesses the least intelligence of all reanimated skeletons. Although this reanimated skeleton will not speak directly with players, it does drop Lesser Glow Berries, Light Flowers and Ferns that remain on the ground for three seconds before dissipating into thin air. Furthermore, it can scare Pigs and Bunnymen when encountered within Caves; attracted by Shadow Thurible.

Morris and Mediatonic announced in a tweet by Morris and Mediatonic that its anatomical features were particularly disturbing, including hidden abs, nipples and human skull with long taffy-like optic nerves, as well as six foot tall height and long taffy-like optic nerves resembling long taffy optic nerves resembling those found on Woven Shadow summoners like Ancient Fuelweaver. When battle begins between Woven Shadow summoners it is similar to Ancient Fuelweaver as its battle theme is similar if summoning Woven Shadows is successful.

Tastes Like Adhesive

Fall Guys is an endearing and brain-tunneling game with a vibrant aesthetic and soundtrack, providing players with both joyous and frustrating gaming experiences. Comprised of minigames centered on competing for crowns in rotation with other beans (59 in all).

What do these adorable jelly beans taste like beneath their gummy shell? Apparently they contain adhesive-like substances while having useless features like useless nipples, human bones and long taffy-like optic nerves.

Mediatonic Community Manager Oliver Hindle recently tweeted out a transparent image depicting Fall Guy skeletons inside their bodies, complete with human silhouette for scale. This disturbing yet fascinating look at their internal anatomy will leave Fall Guys players engaged for hours on end!

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